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I hope you’ve got your accountant on the line because she’s about to be busy AF! 😉

🍪 But are there shortcuts you can take to get seen? Ummm yah!
🍪 Are there plug’n’play templates you can inject your own special recipe of pazaz into? You bet your tush there are!
🍪Is this all included in my Cash Converting Content course?

Heck freakin’ yeah, folks!

That’s what you want, isn’t it? I’m gonna go with a “HECK yes” because so many of my fabulous marketing ninjas have asked for it.

Marketing ain't no cookie cutter exercise, y'all know that.

The perfect wording that hits your ideal client right in the feels
The recipe for serving your followers the “OMG she’s in my head” feeling…
The step-by-step to standing out from the crowd as a leader not another person on the internet...

You found your way to me (Melanie 👋, founder of the 100% success rate OMA program…) because you smelt the sweet aroma of content that converts clients in a click, click, CART! (Mmmm… smells like a boat load of benjamins, if you ask me) 

And what's sandwiched between your large stack of bills? 💰

pssst... I know why you're here

May I present to you….
*insert extra fancy drum roll*...

May I present to you...
*insert extra fancy drum roll* ...

What’s inside of CCC?

Content Cocktail Formula that generates 50+ posts that'll position you as the go-to expert
Epiphany Bridge Exercise to properly tell your story and convert your followers
High Converting Writing Methods that'll flood your dm's with "where do I sign?!"

My signature video trainings...

6 month content calendar

25 high converting headlines

25 high converting headlines

Market research scripts + training

Engagement + Lead pool tracker

oops... don't forget your bonuses!


Oh and p.s… It’s only  $67!

It’s a no-brainer!

it's a no brainer!

So I’m pretty sure you're gonna wanna say…

Oh and p.s… It’s only  $67!

With my 8+ years of marketing and sales experience working with 7 figure businesses like BossBabe, global brands that worked with companies like Starbucks and starting and scaling my own multiple 6 figure business in 6 months - I’ve had quite the journey.

For a long time, I was petrified of selling high-ticket, getting on calls, planning and mapping out a launch plan that worked.

After investing in (way too many) unqualified coaches and online resources that led me nowhere, I decided to give myself a swift kick in the ass, take all of my expertise and do all of the trial and error for you.

The result? I’ve built a program that actually changes lives, businesses and bank accounts!

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